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Construction of prototype trimaran Vitar23 s2con has signed a letter of intent for partnership cooperation on the VITAR project with the company Scek-Cindric ltd.... more

Presentation in MINGORP Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship ... more
Presentation in MINT Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Tourism's (MINT) ... more

Video comment | Miroslav Bogdanović

Hi, I'm Miroslav Bogdanovic Marine Engineer, i work for Margić Project Ltd.

After the initial design, there was plenty of data needed for the initial calculations, knowing the dimensions of the ship, it s barriers, the estimated weight of the ship,
made it possible to calculate it s firmness. Calculations of the vessel were made to meet ISO standards.

we have the calculated global firmness of the vessel, local firmness, then panel firmness, considering the load of the sea and the waves. Local firmness meaning wherever there is a grip force at one point ... Every part of the ship went through, 'Let's say through "some sort of formula".

The hull and floats are sandwich construction, carbon fiber, epoxy resin and the foam core

The main challenge may be that the entire project was a new one. Each project is new, but this is really "new".

One of the requirements was that the floats can be folded, which has many positive attributes. That part was very demanding and challenging as viewed from the standpoint of firmness.

... The end
So, what I somehow like the most is the design of the trimaran , I was most pleased that somehow it turned out that despite all the calculations, this product, this vessel looks nice.

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