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Presentation in MINT Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Tourism's (MINT) ... more

Video comment | Ivan Margić

Hi, I'm Ivan Margić, Marine Engineer, Director Margić Project d.o.o.
I work in planning and establishment of vessels, making general plans and 3D design of ... In general I try to have an overview of the entire project.

Trimaran Vitar23
Our intention was to build a fast and safe boat. We expect speeds above twenty knots, with the wind speed of 50 kilometers per hour, with the proviso that at that moment, when you create a reversible maximum torque up to four persons (320 kg) can be present on the float . The boat is perfect for family sailing and for extreme sailing.
One of the demands was for it to be a folding trimaran, which presented an additional challenge. Meaning that when needed, especially when it is in the marina, it can be folded to the size of a monohull.The boat has the stability and certain maritime capabilities no matter whether it is folded or not.

The boat is extremely light so as to achieve high speeds, but also because of the possibility of transport on the trailer.
The boat has a width of 2.5 meters and 6.99 meters in length.
One of the demands was that the vessel can accommodate 4 persons, but the ship can sailwith up to 8 people.

With regard to the design task, that the vessel had to be extremely light and fast the selection of materials was logical- carbon fibers in epoxy resin. We have chosen vacuum infusion technology in molds, as the most logical choice.

Keel and rudder
It has a lifting keel , that is managed from within the cockpit. The rudder is able to be lifted or lowered, in the case of sailing in shallow waters or in case of danger of hitting the bottom with the rudder.
In case of the rudder hitting the bottom the rudder blade lifts itself automatically as to avoid damage to the rudder structure. In the case of wanting to anchor on a beach, I must emphasize on a sandy beach, the keel can be fully lifted, and the boat can be pulled onto the beach.

To end
It is a nice feeling to reach a certain speed using the pure energy of the wind. without degrading the natural environment. That was what compelled me to participate in building a boat in which you can enjoy the pure pleasures of being in touch with nature.

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