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Construction of prototype trimaran Vitar23 s2con has signed a letter of intent for partnership cooperation on the VITAR project with the company Scek-Cindric ltd.... more

Presentation in MINGORP Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship ... more
Presentation in MINT Project Vitar has been successfully presented in the premises of the Ministry of Tourism's (MINT) ... more


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Technology Innovation Centre of Rijeka d.o.o.

Dear Sir,
Šček-Cindrić Design Studio ltd. has developed and undertaken the first steps in the project Vitar, that is a unique project of this kind because it includes:

- Design of a innovative trimaran vessel

- The organization and startup of production, and

- Organization of racing events in Croatia, and later abroad, and

the project is important for the local community and economy as well as for the promotion of Croatia and, therefore,the Technology and Innovation Centre of Rijeka Ltd. recommends the project and is willing to participate within their means in the realisation of this project.

Mr. sc. Davor Begonja
Technology Innovation Centre of Rijeka d.o.o.
New technologies promoting Society, innovation and entrepreneurship



Dear Sir,

We kindly thank you for your esteemed offer to cooperate on the project Vitara dated 15th April 2010.

This unique and attractive project that aims to popularize sports, promote nautical tourism and the establish an attractive and dynamic system of race events in the vicinity of major cities on the Adriatic coast, around the islands, and on lakes is undoubtedly compelling. We understand that this form of business cooperation can be bilateral and multi-purposeful and interesting. ...

Sanja Solgat
Marketing Service



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your e-mail and request to participate in the project VITAR. I am pleased that you have given us your trust, choosing ERSTE leasing as a potential partner on the project VITAR. The vessel lease financing can be offered after having checked the creditworthiness of the potencial client and after the vessel has been built and since it is a new product on the market after positive feedback from your clients are available.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.
Respectfully and sincerely.

Ivana Krmpotić
Boat Financing Department
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